Secure Your Boating Future at Maidstone Harbor.

If you are particular about the quality and location of your slip and homeport, you are not alone.  As you know, when it comes to finding a first rate facility at an ideal location, your choices are limited at best.

Since 1991,  Maidstone Harbor has offered an unique opportunity to possess a prized asset: a part of the pristine Three Mile Harbor waterfront.  As a shareholder in this fully functioning cooperative,  you have the security of guaranteed year-round dockage and the peace of mind knowing you have secured a slip at this preferred East Hampton location.

Being a shareholder at Maidstone Harbor offers you significant benefits over seasonal renting:

  • Opportunity to decrease your annual dockage costs
  • More predictable yachting costs
  • Potential for building equity in an asset

You can also sublet or re-sell your interest in Maidstone Harbor at any time.

At this time, there are limited slips available for re-sale.

Please call or e-mail us for more information: (631) 324-2651